Maximizing Business Solutions

Our business is to systematically plan and uncover the root reasons for how things are done. We intuitively analyze our clients' culture and stance.

It is our belief that once we understand "how things should be done" as opposed to "how things are done", we may find junctions for promoting transitional change in the way we do business. At Prime9, we utilize SWOT analyses to identify organizational Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. The SWOT Analysis is used at every level of our service delivery.

"As a servant leader with over 15 years of  development and nonprofit management experience, I have identified 9 Top Qualities for Maximizing Business Solutions.

Personally, I believe that understanding your  unique business posture is key to gaining access to what I call 'decision junctions'.  Decision junctions' invite query and movement, thereby providing organizations with the tools needed to maintain or gain leverage."

We would love to help you maximize your current solutions in the areas of program development, employee wellness, grant writing, and grant monitoring by incorporating SWOT analyses throughout the intervention phase. As we serve your interests, we commit to remaining true to our mission to tailor and maximize proven business solutions to promote healthy business practices for your organization.

Muriel A. Goosby,M.P.A, ABD